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1. Who owns the Credit Union?

The Credit Union is owned by its members. The Board of Directors are only a representative management structure elected by the members at AGM to run the Credit Union between AGMs.

2. Who can join ANSAC?
To join ANSAC Credit Union you must be a member of what is known as our common bond. The Common Bond of ANSAC is membership of PDFORRA. You may retain full membership of ANSAC if you are a member of the Credit Union on the day you leave the Defence Forces.

3. How can I join?
By completing an application form together with a mandate for deduction of money from the payroll. The application must be accompanied by documents that provide proof of identity and proof of address to comply with anti-money laundering procedures.

Your application then goes to our membership officer who will present your application to the Board of Directors for approval.

When you have €6.35 saved you become a full member of the Credit Union.

ANSAC Credit Union was formed to promote thrift, by encouraging members to save together and when necessary, to provide money for worthwhile purposes to our members. Today ANSAC has over 7,500 members and our membership is growing every day.

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ANSAC Credit Union is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Reg no. 462CU